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If you are regular buyer of goods and services, then you have to appreciate the important role it plays in the decisions you make. Carrying background checks gives you the information you’d traditionally not find if you used traditional channels to search. Although magazines like the consumer report have shaped the consumer culture as we know it today, they have also become less relevant with the modern shopper because of the rapid technological advancements we are experiencing.

In an Internet age where everybody is buying things online, consumers have their research mediums online. Blogs, customer reviews, expert reviews and ratings have a very important role in this. Before buying anything, a consumer will go through these to find a product or service that’s a good fit for their needs.

Student consumers and essay writing companies

Essay writing companies have been cropping up from everywhere in the past 5 years. Most of them do an excellent job, taking the mantle from the student with regards to writing essays on their behalf. Problem is, none of them has a writer reviews system in place, neither are they able to share specific information of importance to their consumer publicly or within the system. As a result, their consumer who is a student doesn’t know what they’re getting after paying! To ensure that the choice you’re making is good, it is advisable for you to take enough time doing a background check on review websites like


Students find a lot of information about various essay writing companies from forums by students. They also get them from other student working boards – a feat that may be tedious and biased. With that said, we created to be the go-to resource for students in search of an essay writing company. We curated this information after thorough research and not only will it save your time, it will also protect you from thousands of rogue essay writing companies operating out there.

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How works

This website reviews different custom essay writing companies for the consumer. The reviews are mainly in the form of a comment and a rating metrics we use to calculate a ranking score for each company. In the end, we are able to create suggestions based on the customer reviews.

This website also publishes an expert review for each company. The summary will tell you all you need to know about every company we review to enable you to choose the right one.